Monday, April 4, 2011

Well, That Totally Sucked

A crude title but entirely appropriate considering the Sox' weekend in Texas.

But, before I put my head in the oven, I was reminded by a few sources that a three-game losing streak is something plenty of great teams have had. Including, but not limited to the '98 Yankees, who began their season 0-3.

The optimist in me is a little voice ringing the reminder, "It's not just history, it's precedent."

As for Mr. Crawford, let's not forget that A-Rod started his career in pinstripes hitting .196 over the first 14 games with 13 K's and only 1 HR and 3 RBIs.

Cliches about marathons all well-worn because they're not only effective descriptors but absolutely true.

Does anyone really think the Orioles are going to win the division? If you do, put some money down because you'll clean up come October.

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