Tuesday, April 12, 2011

First 7-0, then 2-8

My brother asked if I wanted to watch the game on his HD TV but, as I was working a bit later, told him I'd drop by after I got off. When I walked into his place and saw the score, I had one of those fleeting feelings that this was a joke he was pulling on me. Thinking back on it, I've no idea how I thought he could have arranged the TV to offer such a ridiculous score, but still, I couldn't believe after last night, against the Rays, that this would happen. Nope, Dice-K just got smacked around like he was Phil Hughes or something. All of which sucked even more because we kept up a conversation while he was at the station yesterday, inspired by Beckett's domination of the Yankees. That curve was a thing of beauty. But, my nephew, Grahm, who is three, did make me laugh with this one: He told his mother that the pizza she made "smelled dangerous." That itself is funny in the way children sometimes offer observations slightly off in their word choice. But Grahm clearly had an agenda, and announced a solution to the problem: "I know, I will have a cookie. They don't smell dangerous!"

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