Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rabbit's Foot

That's me.

The D-Backs are 3-0 at games when I go. 10-15 when I don't.

I saw Ian Kennedy, yes, that Ian Kennedy, shut out the Phils and Cliff Lee on April 25th.

Then I saw them pummel the Cubs 11-2 (with a 7-run 1st) on the 28th.

Tonight, I saw them beat the Rockies 4-3.

Coincidence? Abosolutely. But I'm wondering if I can get a Charles Victory Faustesque spot with the team? Stranger things have happened.

I made a few observations at the game tonight:

-Troy Tulowitzki is what the press pretend Derek Jeter was.

-It's a good thing Joe Saunders can "win games" because he sure can't pitch.

-Billy Bean traded away Carlos Gonzalez, Dan Haren and Andre Eithier, the last one for Milton Bradley. I don't think that's going to be in Moneyball.

-According to the numbers, Justin Upton is a good right fielder, so why do I get the impression he isn't? On the other hand, Chris Young is an average/below CF, but I don't see that. Guess it shows the problems with small sample sizes. But I would like to add I have never seen Young dive for a ball, nor have I seen him have to.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Thomas Aquinas offered three points to consider regarding the morality of an action:

1) The act itself

2) The situation

3) The motivation

Seeing scores of people waving flags, cheering, shouting "U-S-A!" I've no idea their motivation or intentions, but it does remind me at times of those who stand outside of prisons and cheer as people are executed.

Not an exact parallel, as this might be more in line with the famous photos from V-J Day. I doubt those people were cheering because of what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But I don't know. That's the only conclusion I've come to. I can't stare into their hearts and determine why they're happy.