Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Single Step

Liam, nice to meet you.

I love baseball, I like to travel, thus an obsession was formed.

I've been to 14 of the standing ballparks currently in use.

Of course, next year it will be only 12, as the Yankees and Mets are moving. After that the Twins, and I haven't been to Oakland. But no matter, doors close and windows open. I liked New York, which I've been told is the greatest if you can get someone to pay the rent.

As an English major, I scribble by nature, and have a lot of cheap notebooks with my thoughts on the parks. I'm trying to fashion them into something whole, inspired by the (fast) growth of my nephew, who will be turning 1 this August.

Idle hands and all.

So, hopefully soon I'll be able to get some pictures and words up of my ballpark adventures.

And anything else I feel like commenting on.

Like LCD Soundsystem's 'The Sound Of Silver.' Which I still can't get enough of. Or his '45:33,' which my nephew seems to really like. Part of it anyway.

Or Cormac McCarthy, one of my favorite writers.

Or how hot it is in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, where I reside. Or Los Angeles county, where I'm from.