Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rabbit's Foot

That's me.

The D-Backs are 3-0 at games when I go. 10-15 when I don't.

I saw Ian Kennedy, yes, that Ian Kennedy, shut out the Phils and Cliff Lee on April 25th.

Then I saw them pummel the Cubs 11-2 (with a 7-run 1st) on the 28th.

Tonight, I saw them beat the Rockies 4-3.

Coincidence? Abosolutely. But I'm wondering if I can get a Charles Victory Faustesque spot with the team? Stranger things have happened.

I made a few observations at the game tonight:

-Troy Tulowitzki is what the press pretend Derek Jeter was.

-It's a good thing Joe Saunders can "win games" because he sure can't pitch.

-Billy Bean traded away Carlos Gonzalez, Dan Haren and Andre Eithier, the last one for Milton Bradley. I don't think that's going to be in Moneyball.

-According to the numbers, Justin Upton is a good right fielder, so why do I get the impression he isn't? On the other hand, Chris Young is an average/below CF, but I don't see that. Guess it shows the problems with small sample sizes. But I would like to add I have never seen Young dive for a ball, nor have I seen him have to.

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