Monday, April 25, 2011

Three Days, Two Games, Pt. 1

Saw the Angels lose to Boston in Anaheim. For those who don't know, the "Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim" is the single dumbest name in the history of sports. Worse even than the Mighty Ducks. It's that bad because it's factually incorrect.

See, Anaheim is a city in Orange Country, Los Angeles is a seperate city in a seperate county (Los Angeles County). They share a state, and are both considered part of Southern California, but Anaheim is not in any part of Los Angeles, city or county.

Imagine if the Yankees called themselves the Manhatten Yankees of the Bronx. Yes, it's that dumb.

Having said that, I do like going to games at the Halo, as the fans there are generally pleasant, though passive-agressive in their issues with Sox fans filling out the stadium during our visits. They do know their baseball, hate the Yankees and I've never heard any of them call it "Edison Field." So they have that going for them.

Anyway, I got to see my 3-year-old nephew Grahm's first baseball game. My brother dressed him in his Daisuke jersey and let him wear his '75 Boston hat, and carried him on his shoulders through the center field concourse to our seats in right. Grahm shouted the whole way, "Let's go, Red Sox!"

I'm serious. The whole way. Above, you see him standing and clapping for the last out, as Daniel Bard got Vernon Wells to ground out to Pedroia.

He ate some cotten candy during the fourth inning, and when given a baby wipe to clean his hands, crumbled the paper into a ball and threw it a few rows in front of us, hitting some lady in the back.

After being scolded by his father, he responded, "But daddy, we have to win the game."

I think he'll fit right it at Fenway.

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