Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wow, Just, Wow

Now, the above shirt was the result of the 2004 ALCS, the one where the Yankees blew a 3 games to none lead in the postseason, losing the last two in the Bronx to their archrival.

It was in the papers, and I believe the Post had the greatest headline ever, "The Choke's On Us."

Granted, it's not entirely true, but "The Comeback's On Them" doesn't grab you the same way.

Not that you'd want to read what's written on it, but it basically offers that the Yankees have won 26 World Series, including 20 of them before most Yankee current fans were even born. So, yeah, what if they blew the biggest postseason lead in history? They won a slew of titles during the Truman administration!

When the Sox won again in '07, I thought the shirts were pretty funny, especially when they boasted that it wouldn't be 86 years until the Sox next title.

Well, it took a year and some months, but it appears that the Yankees now have a response to that '07 Series:

You'll note the new version has seven rings for the Sox.

In case you can't read the rest of it, and I assure you it's not worth your time, this shirt basically parrots what the previous one read except it now adds "It'll take the Sox 238 years just to match our current total."

So, what can we make of this, other than that Yankee fans believe that the Red Sox and Yankees future title hope lie not in their respective performances on the field but in how well Mickey Mantle played during the Cold War?

I'll tell you what we can make of this: We've finally gotten as deep under their skin as they used to think they'd gotten under ours.

Ha ha ha ha.

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Christine said...

I saw this shirt being worn by a couple fans recently in NYC. My questions is (and yeah, I've never been good at math) is how they come up with 238? Any idea?