Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grahm Thomas: Red Sox Fan

My nephew turns five in 2012, the same year Fenway Park turns 100, so plans are already being made to have him spend his birthday there, weather and schedule permitting.

My father is a Red Sox fan, but far more pessimistic and suspicious in his devotion than my brother and I.

Maybe it was growing up 3000 miles from Fenway, or never having to concern ourselves with an actual winter, or just being young and naturally optimistic, but we could always wait until next year.

But my father, aside from being a typical New Englander in demeanor and outlook, and though things have changed for the Sox, old habits don’t die quietly, and he was busy last October teaching my nephew the stages of being a Sox fan so that he’ll be ready mentally and spiritually for his big day at Fenway.
Stage One: Fear And Trembling
Stage Two: Anger
Stage Three: Denial

Stage Four: Grief

Stage Five: Acceptance

For most Sox fans, those were the five stages of watching the team in October.

But Grahmy has an additional stage.

He won't grow up hearing about waiting til next year, or about Bob Gibson and Bucky Dent and Mookie Wilson.

No, Grahmy will hear about Daivd Ortiz and Josh Beckett, and he'll always be waiting for the final out, to take part in the sixth and latest phase of Red Sox fandom:


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