Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring Is Here, Don't Fear The Yankees (Fear The Cowbell)

My father's friend got out the Navy in the late 70s. He'd spent his time in communications, and was well-versed in the ins and out of electronics. When he got back home to New Britain, he got a job working for a 24/7 sports channel starting up in Bristol.

Yes, THAT 24/7 sports channel.

He's got some great stories, including but not limited to his work in Bristol, my favorite proving that 'Anchorman' isn't nearly as far-fetched as some might think. He told me, "There are some TV personalities like that; they'll read anything off the teleprompter and not even realize what they're saying. Frank Gifford, you always had to be careful with that guy, because he would say, 'Hi, I'm YOUR NAME, and we're in beautiful San Diego this week..."

Anyway, he's also been reading Bill James since the early 80s, and hyped up Theo back when they first hired him based on his reputation of being a guy who isn't afraid of the future, which, he insisted, correctly by the way, was what the Sox needed. He still insists Amos Otis was never as good as James claimed he was though, but otherwise likes his view of the game.

I'm not comfortable saying all former Navy personal can cuss a blue streak at the drop of a hat, and maybe it's the subject matter, but this weekend he offered that we shouldn't be scared of the !@#$% Yankees because we still have better pitching and it's doesn't matter how much those !@#$% spend on free agents with a bullpen that's made up of Rivera, who's !@#$% amazing, and a bunch of !@#%... And he kind of went on like that for a while.

I'm not willing to agree with every word, but I am excited about this season, and right now I'm far more concerned with the Rays than I am with the Yankees, so spring training is arriving at precisely the right moment.

For me anyway.

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