Monday, November 29, 2010

Where I've Been

My mother was doing some work on her bathroom when she stepped off the ladder she was painting from and right onto an exposed bolt, sticking from the floor.

The bolt went through her sandal and pushed a large chunk of the shoe into her foot.

She went to the ER, where they cleaned and dressed the wound but refused to investigate further if that lump inside her foot was chunk of missing sandal. The PA told her to keep an eye on her foot and sent her home.

My mother, not content with those instructions, went to a podiatrist and the good doctor was flabbergasted that the ER staff had told her, a diabetic, to leave a bacteria-infested piece of rubber in her foot over the weekend after she stepped an on old, rusty bolt that was used to keep a toilet in place.

Good news is that she's out of surgery now and doing fine.

Plus, she won $5 from the surgeon, who bet her that the chunk of sole didn't go into her foot.

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