Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Really? Really?

OK, so the president of OSU thinks that a playoff system in college football is ''a slippery slope to professionalism.''

You know what else is a slippery slope to professionalism?

Athletic scholarships.

Playing your games in a stadium that seats over 100,000 people.

A marching band.

Paying coaches more than most professors.

''You know, it's a mystery,'' Gee said. ''We were No. 1 then No. 11 then No. 7 and we ended up playing for the national championship. I think I kind of like that mixed-up mystery.''

I don't care about the "mystery" of a national title. There's a reason college football is the only semi-professional or professional sport that decides a title by voting. Don't try to maintain a stupid and corrupt system by offering flowery reminiscences about mixed-up mysteries.

Maybe it's just me, but glance at the image below and tell me how "amateur" that looks.

Then explain why a playoff system is part of that slippery slope.

Oh, and here's a joke: How do you get an OSU grad off your porch?

You pay for the pizza.

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