Wednesday, March 16, 2011

As GOB Would Say...

"Well, that's just !@#$% great."

It appears that my debit/credit card might have been "compromised," which is a clever and soft way of telling me someone (maybe) has gained access to my personal information.

They were kind enough to leave a message that a new card will be here in 7-10 days, though they offered me no suggestions on what I was to do until then.

Confession: I'm old enough to remember when using a credit card to purchase something like a bottle of Coke was considered impossibly annoying, but times have changed, and I don't carry nearly as much cash as a I used to.

Which got me thinking how different the world is going to be for my nephews.

Except for Fenway.

Another !@#$% great thing is that the two moles removed from my middle left toe has been mildly infected, leaving my already skewed and knarled toes (it's genetic I'm sure) unbelievably sore considering the size of the wound and the fact that it's just my toe.

And it itches. It really really really itches.

But at least Dice-K is pitching better.

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